I was born in Santa Monica, California. I grew up with my Mom’s art lying around the house. She was an art teacher but tragically had to retire early due to her illness. At my mother encouragement I was an inspiring painter and photographer who desired to be a professional artist.  But after receiving a failing grade on  my final art assignment in a advanced placement art class. I concluded it was too competitive and difficult to make a living as an artist as it was very subjective.  Then time went by and my love for art hid from me due to my busy life. I found other interests and over the years I started to travel extensively. In time I became one of two thousand members in the world who belonged to the Travelers Century Club for people who have visited over 100 countries. One of my most notable trips was visiting Egypt at the start of the Egyptian Revolution in July 2013. Over 1,000 protesters were murdered, city streets were shut down, and a military cue took over the government. My travels were documented in several international magazines. Eventually, I became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and started a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Agency providing treatment to people like my brother who have ASD. I also found my love for photography and art again in 2013. I started entering photography competitions in 2016. The objective of my work is to continue to create visual art that can give us a better understanding of various cultures and show we have more similarities than differences. 


About the Collection:


All these photos were taken after the Fall of 2013. I mainly used a 35mm and 85mm lens with a APS-C or Full Frame Camera. I took several weekend trips across California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah in 2013. Eventually I took a 11,000-mile photography road trip across the US and Mexico which lasted 7 weeks in fall of 2014. I took out the passenger seat of my car and replaced it with a baby mattress. I slept in my Chevy Impala and stayed at a hotel once a week. After that trip I took a 6-week bus trip in Africa and stayed in the Philippines in 2015. I came back to the US and continue to take pictures in Seattle from 2015 to present. Since then I have documented the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Madras, Oregon. I also frequently visit Kurt Cobain's hometown in Aberdeen, Washington. I hope to take more photography trips in the future and continue to progress as an artist.



2016 Winner Prix De La Photographie Paris (People Choice) 2nd Place

2016 New York Center For Photographic Art Honorable Mention "Trees"

2016  Fine Art Photo Awards Nominee for Open Theme and People

2016 Photographers Forum Magazine Finalist

2016 MonoChrome Photography Awards Honorable Mentions Nature, Archit., People, Abstract, & Art 

2016 International Photography Awards (Professional) Honorable Mention in People Category

2017 PX3 Honorable Mention in People Category

2017 Sony World Photography Competition Editor’s Choice Weekly

2017 Fine Art Photo Awards Honorable Mention in Street Photography Category

2017 ND Awards Honorable Mention in People Category

2018 Fine Art Photo Awards Nominee in Conceptual, Street Photography, and Open Theme.